A Return

"There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."
Leonard Cohen September 21, 1934--November 7, 2016

Tonight's moon is full harvest
close to mother earth
From far above has a halo--
a November dream laid to rest

Close to mother earth,
with winter leaves held
to her heart once more

From far above she has a halo
and her light contracts
in the morning skies

A November dream laid to rest
that never gives up hope
for spring is but a breath away.

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The Great Cheerios Caper

I am against cheating. I taught my sons
when you cheat the person who loses is you.
They went to Catholic school where they made
a religion of not cheating.

The one time I did cheat I marched into
the principal's office with a box of Cheerios.
They threatened him with taking the grade over
if he missed anymore classes because of his asthma.

We were both exhausted from being up every single night for weeks. I told them Charles had to eat cereal for lunch.
Inside the box was a take home final and, of course, cereal.
There was a rule that parents couldn't bring in forgotten

assignments.I thought it was a stupid rule when they encouraged
cheating on "projects" where dad designed and build everything from an entire Native American villages to the Taj Mahal. I figured there were several ways I could get caught. Who

wouldn't look inside a cereal box a parent brought in? And would Charles be wise enough not to pull the papers out right away. So many things could go wrong. I never knew if I had help from God or perhaps the office staff because I wasn't stupid

stupid enough to ask. Charles did mention he didn't know what
to think when the office messenger brought the cereal box into
the lunchroom. The final found its way onto the teacher's desk and in the words of the Bard "All's well that ends well.

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My Grandson's

first winter. What
will he think
of the snow?

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last summer's robins

last summer's robins
have become postcards in time--
August drought

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just a little green

just a little green
with grass and evergreens—

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